How to configure cakephp3 using composer?

1) Make sure following extension in enabled in you php.ini


Goto Your PHP bin folder of you xamp/wamp


Also Note: CakePHP require PHP5.6 and above to run.

2)Run The following command from Command Prompt one by one


3)Now Copy theĀ  composer.phar which is recently genrated goto Your Project dir and paste the comoser.phar here.

4) Now go to just above project dir using command prompt. C:\xampp\httpd\


Once Composer finishes downloading the application skeleton and the core CakePHP library. All your project will be under

5) now goto C:\xampp\htdocs\cake-demo\bin and run the following commmand:

your first cakephp up and running at following http://localhost:8765/

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