Wowza Web Development Tips And Tricks

Wowza Web Development Tips And Tricks

How to Import An Existing SSL Certificate and Private Key

Open a command line prompt and change directory to [wowza-install-dir]/conf.

Execute the following command to convert the existing signed certificate and key files to a .p12 file:


Import the certificate to the keystore

1 Import the .p12 file to a keystore (.jks) by executing the following command:


Execute the following command to import the ca_bundle file into the keystore: (following Dose not work in my case but certificate worked)


Configure a <HostPort> to use the certificate

Open the [install-dir]/conf/VHost.xml file in a text editor and make the following changes:

Uncomment the <HostPort> definition for port 443. This entry follows the comment <!– 443 with SSL –>. Be sure to remove the comment before <HostPort> and after </HostPort>.

Set the value SSLConfig / KeyStorePath to:


Set the SSLConfig/KeyStorePassword to the key store password entered above.

Restart your Wowza Streaming Engine.

 Test the certificate and the Wowza Streaming Engine configuration

For example, assuming the localhost IP address is, add the following lines to the etc/hosts file:

Then check “successfully bonded to port 443″ in wowza access log.

and you can access your domain by using

enjoy 🙂


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