Zend Framework Web Development Tips And Tricks

Zend Framework Web Development Tips And Tricks

What is Dispatcher ?

Dispatcher converts Requests into controller actions. It uses the dispatched Request to locate and load the correct controller. If found, the requested action is called on the controller.


Dispatching is the process of taking the request object, Zend_Controller_Request_Abstract, extracting the module name, controller name, action name, and optional parameters contained in it, and then instantiating a controller and calling an action of that controller. If any of the module, controller, or action are not found, it will use default values for them. Zend_Controller_Dispatcher_Standard specifies index for each of the controller and action defaults and default for the module default value, but allows the developer to change the default values for each using the setDefaultController(), setDefaultAction(), and setDefaultModule() methods, respectively.

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